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Win10 enterprise version activation tool Chinese version | win10 enterprise version activation tool 2017 (32/64 bit) download v10.0 Chinese permanent free version

Win10 Enterprise Edition activation tool Chinese version is a dedicated activation tool for 32-bit/64-bit win10 operating system, this win10 Enterprise Edition activation tool 2017 can achieve permanent lifetime activation-free service. If your system has just been upgraded to win10, you need to re-activate to be able to use normally, many white can not start, Xiao Bian today for everyone to organize this activation software for free to everyone, the following steps to win10 activation, need to come Download experience next.

The win10 Enterprise 64-bit activation tool is by far the most effective activation software. The tool is activated using the KSM server, so activation requires networking. The tool has built in seven KSM activation servers, including the most effective landiannews,, shuax, ddns, aglc and other well-known activation servers.

The biggest feature of this activation tool is its transparency, activation and activation using the BAT batch method that everyone is assured of, with the task of damaging the system source code, and no other messy ads. People who have a little programming base can see the purity and high efficiency of this activation tool. Among the many activation tools, it is the most worthy activation tool.

The following Xiaobian explains with the win10 Enterprise 64-bit system:

1. After win10 is installed, you can see that the installed Windows10 is in the active state. You can find the prompt in the lower right corner of the desktop.

2, before the start, first download the Baidu network disk win10 activation tool, you can directly download and use.

3, after the download is completed decompression, get a tool called KMS10, as shown.

4. Next, run this activation tool. Click the 'Yes' button in the pop-up warning box to continue.

5, then click '\u0026ldquo; A button to permanently activate the Windows and Office' button.

6, then please wait for activation.

7, if in the activation process, encounter prompt activation tool is intercepted, we need to manually set it.

8. If you currently have anti-virus software installed in Windows 10, such as 360, Kingsoft, etc., you can try to exit first. If you do not have anti-virus software installed, please open the system's 'Settings' application and then select the 'Updates and Security' option.

9. Next, in the Windows\u0026nbsp; Defender Settings window, click Close under Real-time protection.

10. Then we run the Windows 10 Activation Tool again and we can successfully activate it.

11. At this time, we can see in the system that the current Windows - 10 system has been activated, as shown in the figure.

Enterprise Edition Activation: WinlOAct ( Enterprise ) .exe

MD5 : 6E3AFAC14D4113E7EBF5EA610A31F5B2


CRC32 : AF4E71E7

1. This software can keep WinlO system permanently online. Please connect to the network before installation!

Please activate the first link network, please close before the installation of 360, Baidu guards and other killing software, in order to prevent false positives were intercepted unsuccessful! !

2. When the WinlO activation tool is installed, if the anti-virus software and system security software have prompts, be sure to select allow operation and release, otherwise it will create

Software can not start and function is not normal. If false positives please join the software - white list!

3, WinlO; activation tool installation process will prompt confirmation, please confirm.

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