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The Mission

The GR3 project promotes the use of grass and other herbaceous residues from landscape management as a resource for biogas production in Europe. It brings key actors and decision-makers together and provides them with technical, investment and legislative advice. This will increase the market uptake of these residues as a biogas feedstock. As such, the project will contribute to increased renewable energy production without competing with food production, to protect permanent grasslands from land use changes and to increase ecological landscape management.


The ten European project partners will also pressure the following project aims:

  • Inventorying of the grass residue availability, quality, demand and the willingness to pay
  • Analysis of the technical, organizational, environmental, socio-economical and legislative aspects of cultivation, mowing, logistics, storage and anaerobic digestion of the grass residue
  • Creating green jobs in the decentralized biomass value chain
  • Interactions with policy makers and creation of policy proposals to enhance the uptake of grass residues as a biogas feedstock
  • Dissemination of lessons learned to stakeholders including local authorities, waste management associations, agricultural associations, biogas plant operators, etc.