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The GR3 project promotes the use of grass and other herbaceous residues from landscape management as a resource for biogas production in regions of Belgium, Italy, Germany, Denmark and Portugal. The projects goal is to contribute to increased renewable energy production without competing with food production, to protect permanent grasslands from land use changes, and to increase ecological landscape management.

It is important to emphasize that this project does not focus on grass being currently used for feed production, it will not promote the cultivation of grass as energy crop; and it will not focus on highly biodiverse grassland as defined in Directive 2009/28/EC . On the contrary, we focus on grass considered as residue, which in current waste management practice is landfilled or composted.

To encourage and promote the utilization of grass for energy production this project aims at creating and strengthening supply chains from grass residues to biogas plants in the target regions Flanders (Belgium), Veneto (Italy), Saarland (Germany), Nordjylland, Midtjlland, Syddanmark, Sjaelland and Hovedstaden (Denmark) and Greater Lisboa (Portugal).

One very promising way that we have identified to reach our goal is that we bring key market actors together and provide them as well as decision-makers with technical, investment and legislative advices. By connecting people and providing know-how there is the chance to trigger investments in value chains for grass residues and increase the market uptake of these residues as biogas feedstock. 


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