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Newsletter no6


Safe the date! Project study tour  
to Grass digesting AD plants in the Netherlands and Flanders, Belgium

Tuesday & Wednesday, 1 & 2 December 2015

Pro Natura, Inagro, UGent, DLV and PXL organize a regional study tour to familiarize participants with several innovative installations in Flanders and the Netherlands, on the 1st and 2nd December 2015.

During this study tour, both the wet and dry digestion process of grass residues will be illustrated. The facility of Erk Energy BV in Zeewolde (NL) is a typical agricultural wet digester with an output of 800 kWe, which also takes in grass residues. Jansen Wijhe Energy BV in the municipality of Wijhe (NL) aims at the valorization of several biomass streams, including manure, corn, nature grass and other rest streams, producing 1,7 MWe of electricity. The facility of IGEAN in Brecht (BE) is a dry VGF digester, which also processes the roadside verge grass from several neighboring municipalities. All in all, 65 000 tons of VGF and grass are processed every year.

For registration please contact: Robert Gruwez, ><
or send him your completed registration form, which you find attached.

Safe the date! National project conferences!

The national project results from Denmark, Italy, Portugal and Germany will be presented at regional conferences.

The topics include the identified best practices, the developed tools (manuals, etc.), the results of the regional grass residue inventorying as well as the presentation of successful business cases, outlining which factors made these cases successful.

Stakeholders who already get involved but also those who could'nt get involved yet into the project’s business development process, but who might wish to initiate the setting up of grass residue value chains are welcome to this conference.

->  Regional conference for Italy will be held in Verona, on Friday 5th February 2016 at 10h00, within Fiera Agricola 2016 ( ).

For further information please contact: Maurizio Dal Ferro ><

->  Regional conference for Germany will be held in Allendorf/Eder on Tuesday 23rd of February 2016.
For further information please contact: Achim Kaiser ><

On 14th of January 2016 at 12h30 a presentation will be given by Achim Kaiser at the Biogas Infotage in Ulm  about the topic:
“Energetische Verwertung von Grasreststoffen - Erfahrungen aus dem internationalen Biogas-Projekt GR3”
For further information please contact: Achim Kaiser ><

->  Regional conference in Denmark - last week of January 2016, date has to be confirmed.

For more information please contact: Lorie Hamelin ><

->  The final project conference will be on 17th and 18th of March 2016 in Gent, Belgium. 

For more information please contact: Lies Bamelis ><

Other Events 2015/2016


05-08 - Ecomondo, Rimini, Italy -

10-14 - Agritechnica, Hannover, Germany -

18-20  - RENEXPO® SOUTH-EAST EUROPE, Bucharest, Romania -

26-28 - RENEXPO Austria 2015, Salzburg, Austria -

07-08 - Energy from Waste, London, UK -
09-10 - South Eastern European Power Summit 2015, Bucharest, Romania

28-29 - Smart Energy UK & Europe 2016,  London, UK -

03-04 - Energy Storage 2016, Paris, France -

03-06 - Fieragricola, 112th international Agricultural Technologies Show, Verona, Italy -

24-26 - World Sustainable Energy Days 2016, Wels, Austria -

06-09 - ECO-BIO 2016, Rotterdam, The Netherlands -

14-17 - World Bio Markets 2016, Amsterdam, The Netherlands -

05-07 - Exhibition and Conference on Energy Efficiency & Renewables, Smart Cities for South-East Europe, Sofia, Bulgaria -

06 - 09 - EUBCE, European Biomass Conference and Exhibition, Amsterdam, The Netherlands -