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Newsletter no5

The 5th newsletter will give you a short review to the latest news and progress made within the project as well as a prospect to upcoming results and activities.

The manuals for the different target groups are ready and available for download; as well as the report on public financing strategies for the integration of social employment in the biomass chain.

Please safe the date for the upcoming study tour which will serve to disseminate identified best practices and technologies elaborated in the different workpackages to all of the regional, national and international stakeholders that have got involved in the project through the workshops and to encourage other interested stakeholders to engage in the business development process.

During the study tour, locations will be visited where innovative value chains for biogas from grass residues are being tested at pilot scale or have already been fully implemented. This includes visits to best practice biogas plants or pilot plants which are digesting grass residues, as well as to the locations where the grass is being ‘harvested’ for use as a biogas feedstock.

Review Italy

The Biogas Italy Fair entitled FOR THE EARTH FROM THE EARTH was held in Rimini, on February 12-13 2015; it has been the first event in Italy dedicated to anaerobic digestion, a series of biological processes with high potential environmental benefits that can enhance the economic sustainability of crop and livestock production. It has been an international meeting intended to deepen strategies, research and the most innovative technologies for the growth of the biogas sector, which is a great resource for the sustainable development of the country. The potential of biogas is not limited to the production of electricity, but ranging from the advanced biofuels which do not compete with food production, to the use of natural fertilizers or the supply of raw materials used in the bio-economy. Biogas Italy has brought together leading national experts on the subject, both in production and in R&D. The goal has been to convey the best technology and the best solutions to network of people interested in the subject and to encourage the exchange of best practices. Read more...

A video interview (in Italian) to Mr. Federico Correale can be found at:


State of the art concerning mowing, collecting and transporting as a resource for anaerobic digestion
Every year hundreds of thousands tons of grass are being mown and left in situ. By adapted mowing and collection, these clippings can become a resource for anaerobic digestion. If done properly grass clippings could generate an income instead of being an expense!
Read more

An overview of possible strategies to publicly fund initiatives aimed at the integration of social employment in the biomass chain is provided in this report. As such, its target audience consists of social economy companies, public authorities and everyone with an interest in the employment of the socially disadvantaged.
First, a broad overview of the Social Economy in Europe, and more specifically the institutions and legislation in a selected number of its member states is given, to indicate the recent evolution in this field. The changes in legislation and regulations illustrate the growing understanding of the importance of the social economy, as a vital component of the economy in general. A second chapter goes into further detail on the possibilities of social employment in the biomass valorization chain, describing specific tasks in the context of the GR3 project. Labor intensive tasks, which are available in biomass valorization, are very well suited for the less expensive labor provided by social economy enterprises.  Finally, two different pathways to enable funding of these services are presented. Services of General Economic Interest have been established by the EU as a means of providing necessary services which are impossible to provide under the prevalent market conditions. This enables companies to be paid for services carried out for public authorities outside the regular framework of public procurement, without this being designated as state aid. Secondly, the inclusion of social clauses in public procurement is discussed, as social selection criteria can prove to be a valuable instrument in the encouraging of social employment. A short overview of the possibilities and further reading is provided. Read more...

Open for registration: Study Tour in Germany

Date: Wednesday, 20 of May 2015

Three sites are foreseen for a visit.
First site shows a sustainable project of municipal solid waste management. A Kompogas plug flow digester is beeing fed with biological waste, grass and other herbaceous residues.
The 2nd station is a typical agricultural AD-plant which runs since 2009 and digests about 60% of grass silage. A heating system between the first and second digester increases the gas yield. The digestate is beeing seperated in a liquid and solid phase.
The 3rd plant is a 330 KW dry fermentation plant from Bekon with 8 boxes for the treatment of communal green cuttings, grass from set aside areas and energy crops. The heat is used in a container system for wood drying.

Start and end of the study tour will be Saarbrücken, Germany.

Registration form is available.


New available

The new GR3 folder is available: find a short overview about Business Plan Development , Results and upcoming results → Folder

Manual for operators of biogas plants and composting facilities with integrated biogas production read more .

Manual for nature conservation organisations and stakeholders performing extensive management of permanent grasslands for nature conservation purposes. read more ..

Manual for municipalities, road and water course management authorities, (inter)municipal waste management organizations and other enterprises involved in landscape management. read more ..

... in the respective National languages

Presentations of the workshops/seminars ->

...  in English:

WP2_ National estimates on grass residue availability

D2.3 - Catalogue of biomass quality discription for different categories of grass residues

WP3_SOTA_BATs and best practices for grass residue collection and valorisation

W6_Legal Assessment Report

WP6_Incentives Evaluation Report

... in German:

A 100-sided guide published by the Deutscher Verband für Landschaftspflege (DVL) about energy production from currently untapped landscaping material can be ordered on:

Other Events

04-06 - AEBIOM European Bioenergy Conference - Brussels, Belgium -
06-07 - All-Energy 2015 - Glasgow - UK
07-08 - REGATEC 2015 - 2nd International Conference on Renewable Energy Gas Technology  - Barcelona - Spain -
REGATEC 2015 has a technical and industrial focus and is directed towards microbial and thermo-chemical conversion of biomass and waste to biomethane, Power-to-gas and gasification of biomass/waste for CHP production. REGATEC includes plenary and parallel sessions, a poster session, an exhibition and excellent opportunities to network and find new collaboration and business partners. The latest advances will be presented by leading experts and experiences of unique industrial scale plants will be presented by prominent industrial representatives.
REGATEC 2014 in Malmö, Sweden attracted 160 people from 25 countries and 30 exhibitors but we expect REGATEC 2015 in Barcelona to be a little bit bigger.
11-15 - Ligna 2015 - Hannover, Germany -

01–04 - EUBCE 2015, 23rd European Biomass Conference and Exhibition -
Vienna, Austria -
03 - UITNODIGING - Demonstratie- en studienamiddagen 'Haal meer uit gras' 
03-05 - Renewable Resources and Biorefineries - York. UK -
09-11 - Victam International 2015 - Cologne, Germany -

16-17 - European Biomass to Power - Berlin, Germany -

01-04 - RENEEXPO - Augsburg, Germany -

05-08 - Ecomondo - Rimini, Italy -
10-14 - Agritechnica - Hannover, Germany -
18-20 - ​RENEXPO® SOUTH-EAST EUROPE - Bucharest - Romania -