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Newsletter no4

Within the GR3-project the partners from Belgium, Italy, Germany, Denmark and Portugal imparted through several regional workshops and study tours a great deal of knowledge in all different aspects along the valorasiation chain of grass residue utilisation in the course of the last year.

Review of the Technical Seminar in ...

In the framework of the IEE GR3 project, Veneto Agricoltura organized i.a. a technical seminar for machinery manufacturers.

The first practical session (attendance 58 people) of the seminar was held in the countryside near Mogliano Veneto, in a farm managed by Veneto Agricoltura (Diana) and aimed at demonstrating the effective operability of machines and equipment devoted to grass mowing and harvesting along the banks of rivers and channels. The field demonstration has been organized into four lines characterized by different ways of grass mowing, collection and storage:

Line 1 - Traditional and innovative grass mowing: impacts on collection procedures
Line 2 - Silage and baling
Line 3 - Silage in bulk
Line 4 - Grass collection: the most appropriate procedure

It also included a visit of a farm’s biogas plant with a system for the treatment of the digestate with mechanical separation liquid/solid and drying methodology producing dry material and ammonium sulphate.

A second indoor session (attendance 52 people) was much more analytical giving the opportunity to the demand side (users) to present their needs and to the supply side (manufacturers) to present their innovations after that the state of the art in the sector has been previously described. Read more...


Inagro organised the technical seminar in Belgium. Willy Verbeke (Inverde) talked about their experiences on mowing and digesting grass in Bree, where they cooperated with a local digester and the national Agency for Forestry and Nature (ANB).

Tom Depuydt (Pro Natura) gave an overview of the possibilities of social economy in the grass-to-digestion chain and their pilot tests with the ecological mower, which was demonstrated after the presentations.

Results from their pilot trials on mowing for digestion were presented by Willem Boeve from Inagro.

After the presentations the ecological mower was demonstrated on a broad cycle path verge nearby. Participants could also examine the machine closely. Special thanks to the Pivabo and Herder companies for their cooperation. Read more...


read more ... about the workshops in Portugal

Review of the Biogas Study Tour in Schleswig-Holstein

Denmark and Germany organised a study tour to three AD plants in Schleswig-Holstein near the Danish border. The technique for processing the grass residues is adapted to the specific needs of each farm.

The plant of Vollstedter Biogasanlage GmbH & Co.KG is a typical agricultural AD-plant using 40% grassilage but will increase the amount of grass after the implementation of the “Imprasyn” technique which macerate lignified biomass in a mechanical and biological process.

The second plant visited is a project from Bi.En GmbH & Co. KG, their pilot BtE plant is a result of the EU-project Prograss. They seperate the grassilage into a liquid and solid fraction with all the minerals leaving in the liquid fraction, which goes to the digester. After drying the solid fraction by the surplus heat they have a solid fuel with wood like properties.

The third plant Wilstermarsch Energie GmbH & Co. KG is digesting 60-80% gras- and 20-40% maizesilage. It is a garage type digester from Loock with 8 boxes.

The attendees get an overview of different concepts for the anaerobic digestion of grass residues. The operators provided detailed information about the technical plant data and discussed openly about pros and cons and problems which might occur with the process.

The 2nd study tour in Germany in May 2015 will show a grass digestion plant treating i.a grass residues from landscape conservation areas and will show a best practise solution on the logistics surrounding grass collection (harvesting, collecting, transport and storage).

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Promoting bioenergy is a main goal of the EU-funded project BioenNW. Part of the project strategy is to build a network. This network will provide companies, organizations and local authorities with the latest information about bioenergy and the project. Therefor you can register under the following link: BioenNW-Netzwerk.

Available for Download

The lectures of the workshops/seminars written in the respective national language are now fully available in the download area of the project-website:

The following topics are all available as english written reports:

Safe the date for the second project Study Tour in Germany

→ Date: Wednesday, 20 of May 2015

Programme and schedule of the tour will be available soon on:

Other Events

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01–04 - EUBCE 2015, 23rd European Biomass Conference and Exhibition -
Vienna, Austria -
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