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Newsletter no3

With our third newsletter we will give you a rich choice of new and upcoming events referring to grass use as renewable substrate in AD plants.

Check the newsletter and find the event that matches your needs best!

We would like to highlight 2 special events:

→ October 7-10, 2014  - the 1st interregional conference Bioenergy for Green Regions in Europe of the PROGRASS network in Karlsruhe and Lake Constance, Germany  .

Discuss and learn about European regional development for the recovery of regional biomasses for decentralised production of climate-friendly, storable biofuels

→ November 26, 2014 – The first project study tour in Denmark where you might meet stakeholders from all participating countries




Safe the date for the upcoming workshops in Belgium!

20 October, 2014

Grasvergisting in de praktijk brengen: matchmaking workshop - GENT

Link to some more information and to the registration form  →  

21 October, 2014

Grasvergisting in de praktijk brengen: matchmaking workshop – HASSELT

link to some more information and to the registration form  →

Contact: (Pro Natura) (Inagro)

07 November 2014:  Technical Seminar (Inagro, BE) Several constructors will demonstrate machines which can be deployed for mowing grass for digestion.

In addition the results from the state of the art study and the potential of digesting grass will be presented.

→ Program will follow soon!

Contact: Mr Willem Boeve,  ><


The complete workshop presentations from the workshop on grass in Belgium on 4th July 2014 are available on:

(choose language 'Dutch')


Safe the date! Whole day Study Tour in Denmark → Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Visit of 2 sites. One facility has a turnover of nearly 650 000 t of raw material. Besides animal waste they also treat  raw material from the food industry. The second plant is the world's largest plant for research purposes. As substrates are being used in 2010: maize and grass silage, straw bedding and fodder remains, mixed slurry and vegetable glycerol.

Detailed schedule and registration  form will be available soon on the GR3-website.

Contact: Achim Kaiser >  or Lorie Hamelin ><


All presentations from the danish workshop held on 03rd September 2014 in Odense can be found here:


Latest analysis of the need for grazing and mowing on protected natural areas

Biomass potential in Denmark

Biomass to biogas in Denmark: overview of the potentials on a short- and long-term perspective.

Contactperson in Denmark is: Lorie Hamelin, Postdoc, Dep. of Chemical Eng., Biotechnology and Environmental Tech.

Email ><



3rd Workshop - Safe the date!                

13 November 2014 →  „Vergärung kommunaler Grasreststoffe – Möglichkeiten der Integration in die Bioabfallvergärung“, Waldenburg

Programm and registration will be available soon

Contact: Achim Kaiser ><


The presentations and the report to the second workshop in Ingelheim on 18 of June 2014 are available on:

The presentations from the first  workshop in Saarbrücken are availbale on:

(choose language 'german')




The presentations to the first workshop in Italy on 24 of July 2014 are in the download area  of the GR3-website:

(choose language  'Italian')

For more information regarding next events please contact:

Federico Correale ><



Safe the dates in October!

1st national workshops will be held at the October 2 in the city of Loulé in the region of Algarve, which is plenty of green areas.

The 2nd workshop will be held at October 9 at Miranda do Corvo, in the Centre/north of Portugal with the support of the Centre of biomass for energy.

23 October 2014:  3rd workshop will be carried-out at LNEG auditorium in Lisbon and will represent the area of Lisbon influence.:

Portugal - National workshops

For more information regarding date and venue please contact:

Santino Diberardino <>


* Biogas in Portugal: Status and public policies in a European context  Original Research Article

Energy Policy, Volume 43, April 2012, Pages 267-274

* Biogas & Biomethane Production: Grid Injection & Transport in Abrantes/Portugal

*Results of the survey on waste management and waste separation in Abrantes

*Municipal waste management in Abrantes/Portugal



     Report of WP3 (State of the art of the techniques)


*  Results of WP2 (inventarisation)

*  Determining the biogas potential of different categories of grass residues in Europe (WP2)

*  Report of WP6 (Legislation and incentives)





for more details check the event calender at  →

September 27 – October  05, 2014

Landwirtschaftliches Hauptfest Baden-Württemberg 2014, Stuttgart, Germany

September 29 – Oktober 02, 2014

AHK-Geschäftsreise „Wärmeversorgung aus erneuerbaren Energien“, Dänemark

October 07 – 09, 2014

PROGRASS® Conference

September 30 - October 02, 2014

Conference of the European Biogas Association, Alkmaar region, The Netherlands

October 09 – 12, 2014 – RENEXPO

October 13 – 14, 2014

Energy From Waste, Marriott Regents Park Hotel, London, UK

Sponsored by: RES and Walker Morris

October 22 & 23, 2014

biogas - expo & congress, Messe Offenburg

October 22 – 24, 2014

International Sustainability Science Congress, Copenhagen, Denmark

October 26 – 30, 2014

Biogas Science 2014 –  international, scientific conference on anaerobic digestion, Vienna, Austria

November 05 & 06, 2014

ZukunftsTechnologieTage, Cottbus mit Messe

November 09 & 10, 2014

BioGas the meeting place, Birmingham, UK

November 11–14, 2014

Decentral BioEnergy – Weltweiter Treffpunkt für dezentrale Energieversorgung, Hannover, Germany

February 25 – 27, 2015

BioEnergy Italy - Biomass and Renewables Technology Exhibition, Cremona, Italy

May 06 & 07, 2015

ALL-Energy 2015, Glasgow, UK

June 01–04, 2015

EUBCE 2015, 23rd European Biomass Conference and Exhibition, Vienna, Austria

Call for paper, deadline: 27 Oct 2014



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