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Newsletter no1

Are you dealing with gras?

You are familiar with it, but you want to learn more about sustainable collection, transport and storage of locally available grass residues? Support in making investment decision on this matter would be welcome?

You are a biogas and/or (integrated) composting plant operator?

You are interested in assistance for sourcing grass residues, finding out the appropriate mix of inputs and the best way to introduce grass residues into this mix, to make the necessary investments, and to fine tune the operation of the biogas plants accordingly?

You are a constructor of machinery for mowing and biomass handling?

You want to extend your base of customers and you are looking for a broader platform for your innovative product range in mechanization and optimization of collecting, storing and conditioning grass and vegetal residues?

You are a policy and decision maker working in gras residues related subjects?

You want to be informed about the project? You are looking for more first hand input to adopt possible policy changes, that could facilitate the uptake of grass residues as an energy feedstock, as well as tools/strategies that stimulate the creation of jobs in landscape management, and tools/strategies for preventing land use change in permanent grasslands.

Be invited to inform yourself about the IEE-project >Gras to green gas resource (GR3)<.

GR3-Pproject WEBSITE:

Your commitment as a main stakeholder will contribute to tackling problems such as the lack in material flow management for grass residues as well as the lack of communication between the stakeholders involved in the various fields along the entire value chain of grass harvesting and energy related industry.


In order to assure a good knowledge and information transfer workshops for key actors and stakeholders on gras residue utilisation will be organised throughout all participating regions (in Portugal, Italy, Germany, Belgium and Denmark) in spring and summer 2014. Information on the exact date and location will be available in our next newsletter.

Contact: Achim Kaiser, FnBB e.V. email: <>, Phone: +49 (0) 7954-926566


Links and Projects

Further interesting Links and Projects related to the use of gras residues as green gas resource:

GRASKRACHT- Laat het gras maar groeien!

Contact: Willy Verbeke

eMail: ><

Interreg COMBINE project - Converting Organic Matters from European urban and natural areas into storable bio-Energy

Contact: ><

Biorefine cluster

Contact: Erik Meers

email: ><

MULLE - Landschaftspflegematerial energetisch nutzen (mit Best Practice Beispielen)

Contact: Nicole Menzel

Tel. 0981-4653 3546, eMail: ><

"Landschaftspflegematerial in Biogasanlagen" - Tagung Aulendorf 11.10.2013 -

Lectures online:

Contact: Josefine Gras, Netzwerk Naturschutz

Email: <>

RePro-Planer. Regionale Resourcennutzung

Contact: Helke Wendt-Schwarzburg, inter 3 Institut für Ressourcenmanagement

EMail: <>


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