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Karolien Borghgraef

Project Leader

In her daily work Karolien is often in contact with the people running digester plants in Flanders. Her role within the project will therefor mainly focus on the matchmaking (WP5) and guiding the digesters towards the actual digestion of grass.

Wp: Mainly 5

Karolien has a master in Environmental Sciences and Technology and works with DLV since May 2012. Within DLV Karolien works as an environmental expert together with the clients on the adiministrative and legal management of the environmental related business. Therefore Karolien can fall back on a thorough knowledge of the Flemish and European (environmental) legislation. Before working with DLV Karolien had a job at Interleuven where she provided environmental advice and support and before that she was a teaching assistant at one of the highschools of Leuven (Group T).