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Federico Correale

Forest Engineer

He is active in agroforestry, bioenergy and agro-environment since 1991.

He has been working for 8 years for the Veneto Region Forest Agency as technical adviser on agroforestry systems planning (hedges, buffer strips, multi-function plants, etc. ). Then he has been

Director of the Regional Forest Nursery and Biodiversity Center, till 2008.

Project manager in several initiatives at Regional, National and European levels - such as Interreg project “Alpenergywood” and Concerted Action “Boisterra” or the IPA Adriatic  “Alterenergy”, the Regional Project “RiduCa Reflui” on biogas chains and the evaluation of nutrients control technologies  in agriculture, or the national research project “CarboStop”, etc. – mainly in the fields of bioenergy and sustainable development in agriculture.

At present, he is General Manager of the Bioenergy and Climate Change Department in “Veneto Agricoltura”, the regional Agency for agriculture, forestry and fishery.