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Succes stories

Success story 1: Development new mowing technology (Van Daele – Belgium)

Thanks to the GR3 project technology supplier Van Daele invested in the development of a new type of mowing technology. This technology will assure a lower amount of sand and dirt in the grass that is mowed from roadsides and/or natural areas, what makes the grass more interesting for digestion. Several municipalities have already shown interest in this technology, as this would open up possibilities for better processing their own grass residues.

Success story 2: grass digestion at intermunicipal MSW treatment plants in Portugal

The information disseminated on the possibilities of grass digestion has had a significant impact on several intermunicipal MSW treatment plants. Those organisations now collect grass, but typically dispose of it in landfills. If they would feed the grass to a (their own and existing) digester in combination with a composting plant, they will gain about  90 €/ton fresh material! Thanks to these very positive numbers, the GR3 project supported to achieve the digestion of 19 000 ton/year.

Success story 3: digestion of grass at farm level in Italy

In the Veneto region a farmer that owns a 100 kWe digester plant (mainly treating cow manure) decided thanks to the GR3 project to also digest grass coming from the meadows and mountain landscape around his farm (10 km radius). This will  increase the amount of renewable energy produced while producing digestate that will be used as a renewable fertilizer on his own land – so the (sustainable) circle is completely closed!

You are interested in grass as a green resource because you are a

GRass as a GReen Gas Resource?

Energy from landscapes by promoting the use of grass residue as a renewable energy resource.

Did you know that we could use grass as a renewable energy source? There is a large amount of grass available and we can utilize it to produce electricity and heat. One hectare of grass is sufficient to supply one family with enough energy for one year! Who knows, in the future we might heat, cook, clean and iron with the green energy from grass. Suddenly mowing the lawn is not that annoying anymore!

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